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Trail Clearing with Polaris RZR

I was finally able to get down in the woods a couple days ago.  I've been attempting to clear some trails that used to exist on our property. Since my wife and I just moved here a couple months ago I really didn't have much equipment to do this with.  So between weather and gathering equipment like my chainsaw and pole saw its taken a while to get out there.  Eventually I'd like to get a small tractor, like a John Deere or Kubota compact tractor to help with these kind of tasks.  But for now, the chainsaw and RZR 1000 work alright. 

The first priority was to cut a rather large tree that had fallen across the trail. Here is a video I was able to upload.

riginally I planned on cutting it up into firewood but after getting down there it seems to be a nice candidate for a saw log. So I decided to hook it up to the Polaris and pull it up to the top of our property. This successfully opened the trail! Now I can continue clearing the trail around the perimeter of our property. Wel…

Trail Riding

This past spring my wife and I took a trip with a group of friends to Baldwin Michigan.  We rented a camper and pulled our Polaris RZR 1000xp up for the weekend.  It was a very cool place to visit as you can ride your ATV or UTV pretty much anywhere up there.  There were only select roads marked prohibiting offroad vehicle traffic.  We definitely had a fun time and will more than likely make it back up that direction this year.  Since it's the middle of winter I figured I would upload a short video of that ride and try to cure the riding blues a little.  Take a look at the video and let me know what you think!

New Chainsaw

My previous post titled Chainsaws was asking about which chainsaw brands you guys would recommend.  Well, I ended up picking up my new saw yesterday and got a chance to play with it some today.  I know I was leaning toward a Stihl or a Hasqvarna which are chainsaw brand names that come to mind, but in the end I ended up going with the cheaper option.  I found a Poulan Pro 42cc 18" chainsaw for $135 at the Home Depot.  Since I had received gift cards, it made it a no brainer to try this saw out instead of spending the cash for a name brand unit. I'll include an Amazon link to the model I bought below.

The saw came with a nice carrying case, the 2.6oz of 2-stroke oil, and the fully assembled chainsaw itself. After filling it with recommended mix of fuel and adding the bar and chain oil it started on the 4th pull! Definitely an easy starting machine so far. Time will tell if that remains the case. But so far, initial impressions of this saw are very good. My one and only cri…


I'm looking at getting a new chainsaw to maintain some of the woods that we have on our newly acquired 5.5 acres.  Currently I have an 18v battery operated cordless pole saw which works awesome for high up limbs and smaller trees and brush.  Now I'm to the point where I have most of that type of material cleaned up and  need somwthing with more power.

I've looked at several different models of new chainsaws. I think I've decided to go with something with around 40cc and a 16-18" bar.  I know there are tons of different brands out there, but is it worth the extra money to go Stihl chainsaw or Husqvarna chainsaw?  I am very new to the chainsaw world so I would love some opinions and experiences from others.  What do you feel is the best chainsaw?  Please leave your comments and let me know what you use and how you like it or maybe some things you don't like about it!  Help me decide what chainsaw to buy!

Getting started

Hello all!  I'm just starting this whole blogging process and thought it would be fun to show some of the daily activities and travels my wife and I enjoy.

Just a little about us first. We just got married back in July and purchased our first home together .The house is on 5.5 acres so I'm usually outside performing some kind of maintenance to the land. For our hobbies we both love being out on the lakes fishing or finding new places to off-road.

Ultimately I would like to grow this blog into a community to converse with people that enjoy the outdoors and hobbies that we enjoy!  Looking forward to this little project and if you are reading this and have any suggestions or tips for me please feel free to leave comments!  Hope everyone has a merry Christmas tomorrow!